From the Pastor's Desk:

For the past several years at GBC we have focused on reading the Bible. Each month, we have assigned a Book or Books of the Bible to read. We spent three years reading it through; then two years; then one year. Last year we focused on reading the New Testament. This month we are assigned the Book of Psalms. In February, it will be Proverbs and Ecclesiastes. And then we will be assigning the Books of the Prophets. It is always a "good thing" to read the Bible ... and to read the whole Bible. But sometimes, even our "Bible. reading" can be "unhealthy." For instance, we all have to eat to sustain our bodies. Generally that means "three square meals" a day. But if these "meals" consist only of "fast food" or "snack foods" and "sugar drinks," even though we are "eating," they are not necessarily healthy. The same can be said about Bible reading. If one tends to "hurry up" and read the Bible without letting God's Word penetrate our heart and soul, not much spiritual nourishment will take place. In order for God's Word ... the Bible ... to be spiritually effective we must also meditate on it. We must stop after we have read, to let God's Words fill our hearts and minds. Then we must be moved to responding to His Word by applying His standards and principles to our ways of life. By "meditating" on God's Word, rather than just "reading" it, you will find yourself walking closer with the Lord.
May we all unite together and determine to make 2022 the year where we all desire "just a closer walk with Thee!"

Pastor Randy




Thank you for visiting our website. We are a Southern Baptist Church that has been in our community for over 60 years. A lot has changed in our society during that time, but one thing that has not changed at Grace is the consistent, vibrant, down-to-earth preaching and teaching of the Bible, God's holy, infallible Word. Thank you again for visiting us. May God bless and keep you in His care as you live your life for Him. 

 Randall Forsythe,  Pastor


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