From the Pastor's Desk:

Wow!  What a great week we had with our VBS program! Our VBS is the highlight of our church every year. This year we went "Down on the Farm" and it was exceptional! Everyone had fun! We had an average of 24 VBS children and 29 adult workers each night The kids got excited singing about Jesus. The storyline of "Farmer Randy" and his "Farm Hands" and "Scarecrow" was very biblical and godly. And those two crows ... who were once menaces ... eventually became lovable. Jesus even joined us in singing! In addition, the kids learned bible verses, the books of the Bible, made some awesome crafts, ate some wonderful food, and played fun games. Three children won extra badges for memorizing and reciting all 66 books of the Bible in order! But most importantly, the VBS children collected $988.70! All of this money will go to purchasing a complete farm for a family in Africa! Praise be to God! And a huge "THANK YOU" to all of our VBS kids!!
Let me also say "THANK YOU" to all our VBS workers. You were so helpful in making the VBS "farm" run efficiently. And you all looked great in your "farm clothes!" All of you were instrumental in planting "spiritual seeds" in the kid's hearts. Now, it is the job of this church to water and harvest their souls. Let us all work and labor toward a bountiful harvest.
Pastor Randy


Thank you for visiting our website. We are a Southern Baptist Church that has been in our community for over 60 years. A lot has changed in our society during that time, but one thing that has not changed at Grace is the consistent, vibrant, down-to-earth preaching and teaching of the Bible, God's holy, infallible Word. Thank you again for visiting us. May God bless and keep you in His care as you live your life for Him. 

 Randall Forsythe,  Pastor


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