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Last week I preached on Paul's interesting words found in Philippians 1:21, "For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain." Paul said he was content with whatever happened to him. If he were to keep living, he would do so living his life for Jesus Christ. And if he should die, he knew he would be going to his eternity in Heaven to be with Christ. 
In Romans 6, Paul gives the challenge to Christians that they should be living their lives away from sin. He indicates that they should have no desire to sin. He poses the question, "Should we continue to live in sin just so God's grace can abound?" Apparently, the Christians in Rome (and in that day) felt they could continue to sin because, after all, in God's wonderful grace He would forgive them. Paul called that way of thinking and living, ludicrous. Paul made it clear that the genuine Christian should have no such thought. In fact, he believed that Christians ... when they do sin ... that act of sin should bother them, and it should convict them to genuine repentance. Paul was admonishing the church against such actions. He then called on Christians to remember, and to remain in, their "union" (relationship) with Jesus. Paul called on Christians to live their Christian life in a way that would be pleasing to their Savior. He reminded them that they were "dead to sin," meaning: the desire to sin should not be in them.
Today, the world needs Christians who are willing to denounce sin for what it is ... sin. The world needs Christians to remain united with Christ throughout their lives.

Pastor Randy




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