From the Pastor's Desk:

Last Sunday (September 8) was known nationally as "Grandparent's Day." Outside of my salvation in Jesus, the greatest joy I have had in my life has been being a dad. But then along came grandchildren! Being "papaw" has superseded everything I thought being a grandparent could be! Jean and I are blessed with seven grandchildren. They range from age 4 to 14; two are now in high school! As they all continue growing I am amazed at their individual personalities. The Bible says God made all of us in His image. We are each wonderfully and remarkably made. We each have our own unique personalities. Seeing that in my grandchildren brings so much joy and happiness to my life.
At the same time, being a grandparent also brings with it responsibility. Babysitting, rides to and from school and other activities, attending sporting events, recitals, choir concerts, science fairs, competitions, etc. are just some of the joyful responsibilities that go along with being a grandparent. But the greatest responsibility I have as "papaw" is to teach not only my children ... but now my grandchildren about God and His Son Jesus and the commandments found in His Word. I am the "who" who is to teach them; the "what" is God's Word; the "why" is for their benefit; and the "how" is under the direction of the Lord.
This morning, let all of us parents and grandparents be diligent in teaching the next generation about God, and His Love, and His Son, Jesus.

Pastor Randy


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 Randall Forsythe,  Pastor


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