From the Pastor's Desk:

Death. Just the mere mention of the word brings fear and dread into the hearts of many, if not all, persons. Most people...including not like to talk about death. We have even tried to eliminate the word from our vocabulary, using words such as "pass away" and "no longer with us," or even referring to the time of death as "if something happens." Yet, the concept of man dying goes all the way back to when Adam and Eve were first created. When God commanded them not to eat the forbidden fruit, He warned them that if they did they would surely die. A short time later, one fo their sons, Cain, killed (murdered) his brother, Abel. And "death" has been with mankind ever since.
But for the Christian, we do not have to fear death. Instead, we have the certainty of Heaven...being in the presence of God...when we die. Paul said "flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God." Therefore, we know that in order to enter into Heaven, our physical body must first die. At that moment, the enemy death will be destroyed. We will be given a new glorified body. And in that new body we will be like Jesus! We will no longer know the ravages of sin and evil. We will be like Jesus in His righteousness. We will be like Him in our knowledge of Godly matters. We will be like Him in our pure love of God the Father. We do not have to fear death because Jesus conquered death when He arose alive out of the grave on that first Easter morning. We do not have to fear death because Jesus provided the way for us to have eternal life with Him in Heaven!
My prayer today for all is that you know Jesus, the One who gives victory over death. 

Pastor Randy




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 Randall Forsythe,  Pastor


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