From the Pastor's Desk:

I, like most people, watched in horror ten days ago when a peaceful rally went too far when US citizens entered the US Capital in a wrongful manner. Just like the unrest of last summer ... when several cities were under attack as businesses were looted, stores burned, police precincts were over-taken, and some people even killed ... our way of life in America has become no more. Things have changed quickly and drastically. We are living in a time in which the Bible says "right will be wrong, and wrong will be right." Most of us are wondering what the future holds. What will happen this week? What will happen this year? Many are fearful of this fragile future. Many of us are craving peace and stability. Will that happen? Will we ever return to "normal?"
For years man has placed his hope and confidence in the government, and in the "wisdom of man." We trust that we will be safe and protected. But obviously both government and the "wisdom of man" have failed. As children of God, we must realize our only hope is found in Jesus Christ, the very Son of God. What we need in our country is a great spiritual awakening like those of the past. What we need is for God's people ... yes even all people ... to return to God's Word ... the Bible. The Bible contains all the answers man is seeking. The Bible contains the guidance to moral and right living. The Bible contains the rules to follow when governing nations. The Bible contains words of wisdom that teach us how to get along with each other. The Bible contains words of wisdom and direction for every area of our life.
Yes these are difficult times, and yes more perilous times are coming, all the more reason we need to return back to the Bible as we truly seek the Lord.

Pastor Randy




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 Randall Forsythe,  Pastor


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